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A flaming homosexual in constant denial, this kid will never admit defeat, nor apologize for his blatantly offensive behaviour. He likes to think he has friends and thinks he is accepted by society, however this is far from the truth. No one likes this buttfucking queer or his elitist attitude.

Callan also believes he knows self defense, however his only moves are to ask the person to stop because his feelings are hurt, or to bitch slap said person in the face.

A Callan is usually morbidly obese and can make funny faces with his fat rolls and his 5 chins. To be a Callan is an embarasment to your entire family and the only known cure is to be burnt at the stake.
Guy 1: "That guy over there looks like the fucking king of homosexuality."

Guy 2: "That's Callan and yes he is the king of homosexuality."
by Beefy Steve Stevenson June 01, 2012
A gorgeous, short ,pale, extremly sexy girl who loves to party. Callan comsumes a lot of Taco Bell and orange juice. She is usually very talented on the saxophone. Callan is a huge geek though so watch out. Callan is also very funny. Be careful not to piss yourself when she makes a joke. Callan is quite wierd though. She tends to dye her hair crazy colors. She also does not give a fuck about a lot of things. Also if Callan was a male she would have a huge penis because that is just how awesome she is.
Person 1: Wow, that girl is so awesome.

Person 2: I know, she's a Callan.
Person 1: Damn I should bang her.
by apurpleape December 06, 2010
A loving individual with a kind heart. Who gives to the ones that really need it. Trust me she gives it up quick!
by ? April 09, 2003
ME!! my name iz Callan
i am Callan and im not a whore
by callan December 27, 2003
ugly, whore who talks bad about people behind theyre back.
She is such a callan.
by balogna12 April 25, 2010
cheating cock sucker
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
Sometimes when playing a female sport like volleyball, there is someone of questionable sexuality. Sometimes you refer to them as a "softball playa" but when there is no doubt, of said individual's slant , they are refered to as a Callan.

A callan can also be someone who is in love with a "steve"
Gah, I hate changing in front of that callan, she always stares at me.

Callan and steve would make a really hawt couple.
by Liz Sparrow September 20, 2007