Name meaning beautiful in Greek. Very original and unique. Pronounced like Kayla. This is a rare name. Callas are amazing athletes and very sexy and confident girls, but can be a total bitch. She's also extremely funny and crazy. All the guys, and some girls secretly want her. She's very outgoing and great in bed.
Guy 1: "Have you seen that hot chick Calla?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, never heard a name like that before."
by dman23 October 05, 2010
Top Definition
Very sweet, kind, individual. Extremely creative. Named after the Calla Lily. Name NOT pronounced "Kayla"
I wish i could be more like a Calla Lily. They are beautiful!

lily calla lily
by TKcr February 03, 2010
(N) The coolest last name in the world, commonly referred to people with large penis' and/or huge boobs. typically of Greek descent, this last name is shared with famous Opera singer Maria Callas, and Clay sculptor Peter Callas.

(V) To Callas means to do something crazy and exciting in bed.
(N) I am so happy to have a big dick (or large boobs). Did I mention I am a Callas?

(V) I heard that bitch can Callas like you have no idea.
by MyNameIsCallas March 09, 2009
A terrible person who breaks children's hearts
Dude, I feel so bad for that guy

Yeah, she just totally Calla'd him, what the hell?
by Me17 November 08, 2010
a girl with a wierd obsession with Craig Nicholls and Nirvana
'wow! it's a calla and it's stealing all the purple-polka dotted pumpkins! run for your lives!',screamed the sadistic, perverted clown.
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
a strange girl with a strange infatuation with Craig Nicholls
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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