An impressive action first person shooter game set during the early to late 1940's, spanning across different theaters of Europe from the eyes of American,British,and Russian soldiers. This game outdoes Medal of Honor is almost every way, leaving that game in the dust. The multiplayer portion of the game lacks any vehicles but makes up for it with some intense infantry combat and an excellent single player campaign. A must buy.
Call of Duty kicks so much ass. Medal of Honor doesn't come close. Piece of garbage that was.
by JibbaJahba December 10, 2003
An online bandwagon game where many ants gather to do highly repetitive tasks on a genre that hasn't changed in like... 10-15 years. CoD may get new guns or whatever, but ultimately you know what it'll do. And the random enemeies with mediocre aim shooting you out of nowhere is stupidly annoying. Many mindless drones that wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the ass buy this game. It has success because of these drones all hopping on the bandwagon.

ANT: YES OH GOD YES! *orgasms*

The 2 idiots proceed to jumpon the bandwagon and ride to the nearest video game retail store.
by Hazard89 November 09, 2010
1. A soundless noise that a young man or woman may hear or feel which causes them to "answer" the call and enlist in the military to serve and defend his/her country.

2. A series of shitty first-person shooter video games developed by Infinity Ward and Treyarch, which allow the player to be noob-tubed, killed by throwing knives, and have stupid as shit abilities such as unlimited sprint and a 5000 mile melee distance.
1. Frank: "Why do you want to join the Marines, Bobby?"
Bobby: "After 9/11, I just felt something...I felt obligated to serve this great nation and defend her from all who may threaten freedom, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, or the American way of life"
Frank: "You must've heard the Call of Duty"

2. Faggot #1: "Hey, wanna play some COD?"
Faggot #2: "HELL YEAH! I'm gonna make a class with RPG's, noob-tubes, throwing knives, and I'm gonna put on scavenger, lightweight, commando, and painkiller!"

Guy: "You guys do know that there's another meaning to Call of Duty then the game, right?
Both faggots: "THERE IS?!"
by happydog34 July 20, 2010
The most retarted game ever invented that causes teenagers and adult men to sit in front of the TV and yell at the other players who killed them.

Bob: hey what are you up to
Joe: Just playing Call of Duty
Bob: Dude that game is sooooo queer
Joe: Dammit i just got killed, you mother fucking monkey fuckers
by amazing person292929 April 13, 2010
The lowest form of gaming that's still considered gaming.

Call of duty is literally the same game with a new map every single year. Don't believe me? Call of duty 3's crash screen reads and I quote "call of duty 2 has crashed"

The fanbase was originally alright but then children with parents who don't give a shit ruined it for everyone, forever.

If you play call of duty and nothing else you are essentially the scum of the gaming community.

If you believe call of duty is better then any game out there, not every, any of the other games out there then you are lower then the scum

The entire series is now being milked dry by greedy developers and is honestly not worth playing in any way shape or form in it's current state.
Scum: Call of duty is the shit, everything else sucks :P
Real gamer: Dude, call of duty has sucked since game 3
real gamer: Yeah because portal is actually fun and actually a game.
Real gamer: *Blocked*
by Dwarven August 08, 2012
A succesful series of video games, set in the Second World War/Near future. With the original, simply titled "Call of Duty" released in 2003, and the newest edition, "Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2" Released in late 2009, It has epitomized the teenage Male's attitude to life, girls, and masturbation.
Jenny: Hey Sam, Feel like going to the park to make out?

Sam: Nah, I told Jeff I'd play C.O.D Tonight. Sorry.

Jenny: I hate you. Stupid Call of Duty

Sam: I cant hear you, I'm killing people in an airport!
by Zo-mi-gar January 09, 2010
1) A scripted WWII shooter made by a large chunk of the medal of honour team. Historically acurate, and one of the best WWII multiplayer games available. Unfortunately, it suffers in single player from two sources. First, it is extremely scripted and not freeline enough for some people. Secondly, the enemies have the annoying habit of getting up as soon as you kill them and on harder dificulties seem to be way to accurate. A must buy for people who like that sorta game.

2) A phrase referring to conscription in world wars I and II.
1) I just completed call of duty. Man, that game is amazing.

2) When their country called, they answered the call of duty.
by Aratos February 22, 2004

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