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1. See overrated

2. A first-person shooter franchise by Activision that takes place during World War II, and later a fictional present day conflict. The most played franchise on Xbox Live, and best-selling video game franchise of all time, with eacch new release far outselling the previous incarnation.

Currently synonymous with milking franchises dry.
First made by Infinity Ward in 2003, Call of Duty is Activision's flagship franchise, and easily the most overrated game franchise of all time. It also slowly kills off innovation and creativity in video games.

Activision once came up with the "awesome" plan of releasing a new CoD every year. Or something that's at least called "new Call of Duty", as it is actually just an unfinished, buggy, and glorified DLC package pressed onto a disc and sold for $70 across all major platforms.

Call of Duty is mostly played by 12-year old idiots, Xbox 360 fanboys, and generally people who think that playing these games makes them cool. These groups of people also often refer to Call of Duty as "teh best game EVAR!", and other things that attempt but fail to equalize it with a revelation.
Person 1: Wanna play Call of Duty?

Person 2: FUCK YEAH!

Sane person: No! Call of Duty is an overrated piece of garbage that gets more recognition than it deserves!
by DarkStar May 18, 2012
A rating system used in Carroll County. If someone is particularly good looking, you would rate him/her as a .5 Kate Sands. The rating system is as follows:

-1 would be repulsive
0 is ugly
.05 is unattractive
.15 is 'has some odd physical quirk'
.25 is doable
.35 is average
.4 for decent
.45 for cute
.5 is hot
.75 is beautiful
.85 is gorgeous
.95 is drop-dead gorgeous
1 is 'goddess.'

The system can also be used for personality in much the same way.

It originates from the person, Kate Sands, who was rated as "Goddess on Earth" and in honor of her, the system was given her name. Invented c. 2002
"Dude, check out that girl in the pink! She's like a .95 Katesands!"
by Darkstar June 25, 2004
Owning Darkstar at counterstrike!
David is BenGar

Travis isn't BenGar
by Darkstar February 23, 2005

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