Pronounced Cali. An absoluty beautiful girl with the most amazing sence of humor. Most Calees are short. Any boy would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. She is the definition of perfection.
Guy 1: I met the most amazing girl today. She was pretty, funny, and smart.

Guy 2: Whats her name?

Guy 1: Calee.
by Caleeeee November 17, 2011
Pronounced Kay-lee. Calees usually have great personalities, being honest, funny, and very trustworthy. They are sometimes procrastinators, though, and tend to not give up until they have perfection. They are easily irritated and tend to grudge. A lot of the time they have low self esteems, letting good comments only boost them for a few minutes, yet letting bad things bring them down for days. They are also very sensitive. Calees tend to be skinny and are an average height. They love food. If a Calee likes a person, then they usually like them for a long time.
"Stop being a Calee and just get over him. He's a jerk."
by moneymoneymonnneeeeey November 20, 2011
Pronounced Cali, like the nickname for California. A girl that is very obsessed with Hannah Montanta and other famous child-idols, like Santa Clause and The Easter Bunny.
Friend 1: "I love Hannah Montana! I just bought 2 Hannah Montana bracelets, 2 Hannah Montana necklaces, Hannah Montana mirror stickers, 6 Hannah Montana pencils, Hannah Montana gloves, a Hannah Montana notebook, and a pen that sings Hannah Montana songs!!"
Friend 2: "Your such a Calee."
by Cassiiie February 15, 2009

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