A slang term for the word Cack, which is a 'code-word' for Cock. Works great when talking in mixed company.
"I like chocolate cake the best..."

"You know what I wanna do right now? Eat some nice, hot cake"

"Oh I'll bake your cake!"
by Hoedy December 03, 2003
An awesome girl who anyone would be lucky to know. She is an innocent angel and wants to help the world for the good of humanity. She is also very sexy
Man#1: Who is that gorgeous girl?
Man#2: Oh that girl is Cakes.
by Cakes115 October 18, 2012
A guy who flirts a lot
"Man, look at him on the phone with his girl bein' a cake."
by Jordan P April 06, 2007
really really really really really really really really really really really really good tasting food that has been brought down from the gods
OMFG! gimme cake now!
by DeGreenFreak October 28, 2006
The thing you get if you do not stfu.
Max: "Hey dude, how about a piece of fruit and a chicken breast?"
Peter: "Cake or STFU!"

Sarah: "Trout Lake is such a remarkably beautiful setting, I love it!"
Sandra: "Trout Lake? Cake or STFU!"

Waiter: "Can I get you anything to drink, sir?"
Sir: "Cake or STFU!"
Waiter: "Cake?"
Sir: "Goddammit...I said cake or STFU, YA PUNK!"

Flexbro I: "I stopped doing drugs to give into another passion, alcohol!"
Flexbro II: "So? I stopped doing ya grandma to give into another passion, cake!"
Flexbro I: "Uh?"
Flexbro II: "Well yeah, cake or STFU u friggin' bastid!"
by stokedfish September 24, 2006
being Knackered or very drunk.
I am cake, i need sleep.
I am cake, i am drunk.
by MatyMoore June 26, 2005
Describes a situation where something is so fucking easy, its beyond simple.
Ryan: Have you done that work I gave you yet?

Matt: Yeah man, it was cake.

Is also similar in a sporting context to didn't even get in the car.
by Steeman April 28, 2005

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