a guys dick
man his cake is huge
by Kaitinoh July 10, 2008
a fat person, most likely a girl. A fat chic
Look at her, she's a cake.
by Ralph Dagza March 23, 2008
What every woman wants.
Jane was hungry, so she got her boyfriend to make her a cake to turn her on and to satisfy her craving.
by Kara K March 19, 2008
Money, usually descibes a payment for sevices or cost
for goods.
We gonna be makin' sweet cake on dat gig.
(the job pays well)

We still gettin that stale ol cake fo' dis gig?
They gots to cut a fatter slice!
(We have performed this task many times for a low wage and we need a raise)
by Big G lizard September 10, 2007
yummy satisfying goodness!!
TIM: WOW we should throw this cake at Karl's face!

Rlaph: No dont throw that cake (yummy satisfing goodness) at Karl! We dont want to wast a good cake (yummy satisfying goodness) on such a ugly face! Lets eat it to satisfy our hunger!
by Shorty May 05, 2005
Describes a situation where something is so fucking easy, its beyond simple.
Ryan: Have you done that work I gave you yet?

Matt: Yeah man, it was cake.

Is also similar in a sporting context to didn't even get in the car.
by Steeman April 28, 2005
the female vagina, pussy
That guy is teriffic at eating cake!
by none April 14, 2005

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