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Caelin is a girl's name that means pure. Caelin's are beautiful, smart, and funny. Caelin's have a softball booty They won't start a fight, but you can bet they'll finish one! They're like hell on heels. They're walking goddesses and have southern hospitality, but they can be a bitch when they want to!
Guy 1: "Dude! Did you just see that girl she's beuatiful!"

Guy 2: "Yea, her name is Caelin, I have her in my 2nd block. She's polite, but she put a bitch on blast the other day for messing with her friend."
Guy 1: "She defiantly seems likes a Caelin."
by HateMeIfYouWantTo January 30, 2015
Caelin; a refined version of the Cael'Muh, they originate
from Australia, being the chief mascot of many (if not most)
of their sports team's. It is also known to have the tastiest droppings than any other creatures in the Southern
"Crickey's, there a pack o' bloody wild Caelin's in the bush mate! Grab some of it's dropping's and throw it on the barby! Cue!"
by Caelin Ling August 24, 2006
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