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A horrid affliction where a female has not reciently shaved her vaginal area, but has in the past.
I totally wanted to poke her, but when I checked it out there was like a cactus in her panties!
Dude, she totally had cactipuss.
by The Fish. October 19, 2009
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When a girl hasn't shaved "down there" for a few days.
Dude, that chick had a total cactipuss and chafed my cheeks.
by Double-O-Ben December 19, 2014
A woman's vagina after not having been shaved for a short period of time. Essentially, a vaginal five o'clock shadow.
-Hey dude, what happened to your face? It looks like you have a rash or something gnarly.

-Na, it's from that girl last night. She looked clean downstairs, but upon further inspection, I was surprised by a cactipuss.

-Damn, don't girls know how to keep it clean any more? What is the world coming to?
by valet6969 February 04, 2012

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