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The act of masturbating while dropping a deuce. This shows the ability to multitask.
- I wonder what Phil is doing in the in the bathroom.

- He is probably doing the ol' poop-n-pull.

- Yeah, he was always good at multitasking.
by valet6969 November 04, 2011
Finding out that a girl has an extreme fur burger once she has been depantsed
After taking this girl home from the bar, she took off her pants and released the nastynest.
by valet6969 September 23, 2011
A girl with a Jumanji sized bush that goes commando; in other words, she doesn't wear any underwear. This type of girl is typically a hippie chick.
-Did you see that crazy hippie chick last night?

-Yeah, she totally went Jumando.
by valet6969 October 09, 2011
When an angry bull-dyke pulls out the biggest dildo in her arsenal.
When Martha was finally able to fit her fist into Gertrude's vaginal canal she knew it was time to "Release the Kraken!"
by valet6969 October 05, 2010
When you fuck a girl with a condom and her vagina feels fresh
Yo girl you trying to go home and commit an act of condomint.
by valet6969 October 14, 2011
A woman's vagina after not having been shaved for a short period of time. Essentially, a vaginal five o'clock shadow.
-Hey dude, what happened to your face? It looks like you have a rash or something gnarly.

-Na, it's from that girl last night. She looked clean downstairs, but upon further inspection, I was surprised by a cactipuss.

-Damn, don't girls know how to keep it clean any more? What is the world coming to?
by valet6969 February 04, 2012
This happens when a dude that has braces on his teeth is going down on a girl that is quite hairy in the nether lips and his braces get ensnared in her pubes, thus locking his face lips onto her downstairs lips.
-Hey, did you hear about Timmy?

-Yeah, I heard he went down on that random girl at the party, and they got lip locked.

-I guess that's why you need to check before you munch.

by valet6969 October 09, 2011

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