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A condition pertaininig mainly to people of Irish descent. Mass intake of dishes containing cabbage develop this wet ass syndrome. Has been known to permanently stain undergarments.
Kenneth ate so much corned beef and cabbage that he developed an intense condition of Cabbage Ass.
by Steve T Con August 29, 2006
The condition of having gas that leaves your anus wet, having to wipe after every fart
Man, I'm hungover and I've got cabbage ass.
by alphachimp October 11, 2003
The condition in which atrong anal juices and pungeont gas cause the crack of the ass to become chafed and painfully sensitive, epecially while wiping.
Due to his cabbage ass, Ron always became teary-eyed when wiping his chapped butthole and crack. The odor, however, brought tears to everyone else's eyes.
by Dale McCartney June 06, 2005
Keith has cabbage ass, excessive wiping of the butthole sometimes occurs because of his wet gas.
Keith likes his cabbage ass
by Craig Curran April 29, 2005