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Chinese Subtitle Disease. A disease where your mouth keeps moving after you are done talking.
Sarah has been done talking but her mouth is moving excessively like she has CSD.
by kayjayallday April 29, 2009
Cunt Standing at the Door
aka the lead flight attendant.

As i boarded the A/C all i could see was the fat, wrinkly ass of the CSD.
by trollydolly August 23, 2009
1. Crazy, Stupid, Dishonest. A position that is so inconsistent with reality that it could only be

held by someone who is insane, mentally deficient, lying, or some combination thereof.

2. A person who consistently expresses opinions or attitudes that are crazy, stupid or dishonest.
The idea that lowering taxes on the super-rich is good for the economy is CSD.

Did you hear what that candidate said in the debate? He's totally CSD!
by HereticBill March 03, 2012
Cock Sucking Disease

That shit that don't go away after a bitch sucks your dick.
Yo bro, I think I got this flesh eating CSD from Nikki Jo.
by Dick McCockinass October 23, 2014
Compulsive Sharing Disorder. A disorder teens from 13-17 have developed in which every time some insignificant detail occurs in their lives they feel the need to share it via some social networking site. repeat offenders of facebook tend to turn to twitter, endlessly tweeting their drama and such.
Sam: I think I have CSD. After Paul dumped me I've tweeted about it nonstop. I know no one cares, but I can't help it.

Julie: Compulsive Sharing Disorder? Twitter isn't your diary asshole, shut the fuck up.
by royalhylian May 01, 2012
Cock Sucker Deluxe
The top of the top with everything material.
Having the most expensive edition of any vehicle.
Ex: man with small penis driving a hummer.
"this is the C.S.D. version of the cobalt..."
by donholio February 01, 2008
Compulsive Snapchat Disorder
Person 1: 'Bro, I swear I can't help but always check Snapchat even if i know there's no new stories.'
Person 2: 'Damn dude, you might have CSD.'
by CupOfSpiders December 12, 2014
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