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Cheater stopped by skill
Me is a skill0r who stops tschiedahs with 1337 skill ^^
by BuLLeT August 13, 2003
Cool story bro.

A phrase sarcastically used to indicate one's disgust or indifference to someone's story and you really don't care.
Person A: Yo i just got dumped.
Person B: CSB
by Yobeebs March 14, 2011
cool story bro.
if you dont really care what the person is saying you say csb.
Daughter: OMG i totally just had sex
Father: csb
by mackmackk January 30, 2011
1. Canada Savings Bonds

2. Cool Story Bro
Person 1: Hey Man I got a new phone!
Person 2: csb
by A380101 November 28, 2011
cook some biscuits

an alternative for csb(cool story bro) basically meaning the same thing - go away you are boring
p1: i just finished my 10000 word essay on garden gnomes
p2: csb

or alternatively

p1: i just finished my 10000 word essay on garden gnomes
p2: cook some biscuits
by bjfkfb March 21, 2011
C: Comely
S: Sexy
B: Beautiful
Oh!! man look at her she's hot !! she's CSB
by lovindoll September 11, 2011
1. Stands for cock-sucking bitch. A good way to insult women while in the presence of the ignorant masses.

2. Cool Story Bro. A sarcastic response to a lame story.
1. Bob: Nancy said that I can't be unsupervised because I'm not 18.

Spencer: What a CSB
2. Joey: Dude yesterday I skated down my street!

Billy: CSB
by kickflipdude June 22, 2011