An abbreviation for Cock Sucking Bitch, a derogatory comment that can be made in a variety of circumstances.
Ed is whining about something that no one else seems to care about. Steve then says, "Ed, don’t be such a CSB".
by TAdams August 17, 2007
CSB - An abbreviation for "Conniving Skanky Bitch".

When a person does/says something to get a particular outcome, or to manipulate a situation, of their desire that usually affects an innocent party in a negative way - usually in the situation of causing arguements amoungst friends/in relationships. There also usually is no clear motive for such actions; they may not even dislike the said victim.
"Ted: Oh My God, I can't believe Tess told him that!
Todd: I know, and Trudy didn't even mean it in that way!
Ted: What a CSB!"
by TrishFlash February 11, 2009
CSB is Chronic Sperm Build-up due to lack of sex. This can make most men crazy and it it goes too long you will start to get a hump on your back like the bell ringer and walk with a limp. Ladies do not let this happen to your man, it is cruel and unusual punishment and can lead to the phone a friend option.
I went to the doctor for this huge mass on my shoulder and the doctor said it was CSB. He sent in a nurse who blew it off by sucking it out of my dick, love my nurse...
by fordh8r October 07, 2010
The abbreviated way to say "cool story bro", often used to blatantly make the disgust clear with little to no sarcastic intentions.
A: Did you see the Raiders dominate the Chargers last night? And look at my new Jacoby jersey and new hat and and and and and....

by JoMamma1241 December 07, 2010
Causal Sex Buddy ! Means like to think a certain person that may be a geek n not good enough to date but he is still alright to have casual sex with so this makes him your CSB
"No way he is a freak he is not my boyfriend he is just like me CSB"
by katie and bridget March 29, 2007
Certified Sweet Boy
Im a CSb.
by DRAGZ1012 February 14, 2009
An abbreviation for Come Soaked braces. Where a mans semen is ejaculated into the mouth of one who wears braces. The metalic brace is soaked in manwax.
Johnny: Hey check out Sammi she looks cute in those braces
Greg: Damn man I'd give her CSB
by Shadow_Sha...nis November 27, 2006

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