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Internet abbreviation, mainly used to indicate that the post to which it reacts is something you should say to people who care. Or it could be that the poster tried a little too hard to be cool in your opinion. CSB is short for "Cool Story, Bro!".
Riekus(over openbaar urinueren): en tuin / boom of w/e ergens willekeurige berm is vrij standaard ook

zelfs x iemand om half 2 smiddags ofzo op klaarlichte dag op de grote markt zien zeiken, bah bah
Joostul: CSB
NdeK: diepe dal, daar ga ik momenteel door.
Freez0: CSB
by itmebitches October 03, 2010
6 46
CSB - An abbreviation for "Conniving Skanky Bitch".

When a person does/says something to get a particular outcome, or to manipulate a situation, of their desire that usually affects an innocent party in a negative way - usually in the situation of causing arguements amoungst friends/in relationships. There also usually is no clear motive for such actions; they may not even dislike the said victim.
"Ted: Oh My God, I can't believe Tess told him that!
Todd: I know, and Trudy didn't even mean it in that way!
Ted: What a CSB!"
by TrishFlash February 11, 2009
15 55
CSB is Chronic Sperm Build-up due to lack of sex. This can make most men crazy and it it goes too long you will start to get a hump on your back like the bell ringer and walk with a limp. Ladies do not let this happen to your man, it is cruel and unusual punishment and can lead to the phone a friend option.
I went to the doctor for this huge mass on my shoulder and the doctor said it was CSB. He sent in a nurse who blew it off by sucking it out of my dick, love my nurse...
by fordh8r October 07, 2010
9 51
The abbreviated way to say "cool story bro", often used to blatantly make the disgust clear with little to no sarcastic intentions.
A: Did you see the Raiders dominate the Chargers last night? And look at my new Jacoby jersey and new hat and and and and and....

by JoMamma1241 December 07, 2010
2 45
Causal Sex Buddy ! Means like to think a certain person that may be a geek n not good enough to date but he is still alright to have casual sex with so this makes him your CSB
"No way he is a freak he is not my boyfriend he is just like me CSB"
by katie and bridget March 29, 2007
12 55
Certified Sweet Boy
Im a CSb.
by DRAGZ1012 February 14, 2009
4 52
An abbreviation for Come Soaked braces. Where a mans semen is ejaculated into the mouth of one who wears braces. The metalic brace is soaked in manwax.
Johnny: Hey check out Sammi she looks cute in those braces
Greg: Damn man I'd give her CSB
by Shadow_Sha...nis November 27, 2006
45 97