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The act of accidentally knocking over and spilling the liquid contents of a container, usually in a drunken incident: a combination of “tip” and “dump,” this word is often used by or to describe the actions of one who is inebriated to the point of a drunken stupor. This verb is most commonly used with the word "over" directly behind it.
Oh shit, he pissed himself…oh, never mind his beer just tumped over on his crotch when he passed out. Lets take a picture anyway.
by tadams December 28, 2006
An abbreviation for Cock Sucking Bitch, a derogatory comment that can be made in a variety of circumstances.
Ed is whining about something that no one else seems to care about. Steve then says, "Ed, don’t be such a CSB".
by TAdams August 17, 2007

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