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An introductory greeting with romantic implications.

COMF = Cum On My Face
Some dude: "Shaun, this is my friend Davio. Davio, this is Shaun."
Davio: "Hi."
Shaun: "COMF?"
by SelfControl November 13, 2004
64 27
1. n. The slang abbreviation for the word comfortable.

2. n. Someone or something that is a comfort.
Ann: Are you comf in that shirt honey?
Joe: I'm fine mum.

Ann: Joe, be a comf and get me some tea.
by Jeul June 10, 2007
22 15
Comfortable. Actually, VERY comfortable.
I am so comfs in bed.
These shoes are comfs.
by BaberzSquaredShow December 08, 2008
5 1
slang for comfortable
James: mmm comf, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
by cparks February 18, 2014
0 0
cock ass motha fucka

i use this to say it short
ur a comf ( cock ass motha fucka)
by ryan May 03, 2004
9 46