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Something that apparently only exists when a Republican candidate wins; otherwise, it's just voter suppression.
Leftists, moonbats, and extremist Democrats claim Bush was elected due to voter fraud. But once Obama was elected, they denied voter fraud ever being a problem, in their typical double-standard and hypocrisy.
by cakecupcake February 02, 2014
A method of winning an election whereby votes are illegaly discounted, reducing the number of votes against the candidate. Or winning an election by illegaly adjusting the number of votes upwards so a winning candidate has more votes than they actually received.
George W. Bush became the current occupant of the White House through voter fraud.
by jesster79 February 09, 2006
Voter fraud is when liberals and minorities are able to legally vote in elections without anyone stopping them.
There are literally THOUSANDS of cases of voter fraud in south Chicago! I had to go and vote twice just to even things out.
by Ingoman November 02, 2010
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