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Crisis News Network.

The widely known and watched news station on TV, CNN, which ACTUALLY stands for "Cable News Network", will take almost any subject, and will over-exaggerate it to death.

Most of the time, running news stories for weeks at a time.

CNN will also take any subject, and try and create news off things that are connected TO the subject, but talk about things that have no relation to the point
"Breaking news, catasrophe in downtown Toronto, a Go-Train has stopped 50 meters from the station. Police don't know what caused the incident, but noone was believed to be hurt. Foul play has been ruled out."

"Now Tom, the Go-Train rides on a 5 inch thick electrically charged super-conducting alloy correct?"

"Yes that is correct Dave"

"Can you tell us the chemical composition of that metal over the next 20 minutes?"

"Coming up next on CNN, the pope coughs, fear sweeps over the nation."
by Tree-Fitty July 23, 2005
News for people who will believe anything. 100% propaganda.
The least trusted name in news.
by matt February 08, 2004
Communist News Network. Based in Atlanta and once controlled by billionare, Ted Turner. The Fox News Channel's worst nightmare.
CNN is extremly liberal and will rarely tell you the real story. The network will do anything to make Republicans, Christians, the religous right and those who represent or support "traditional" American values look corrupt and incompetent. I HATE CNN.
by krock1dk September 30, 2007
Communist News Network

A news station widely comprised of communist commentators who care more about promoting their left-wing agenda than actual news. They are biased and unfair.
Damn those sons of bitches on CNN are fucked, let flip it to FOX news.
by tonsoffun1990 April 15, 2009
Commie News Network
Castro News Network
Canadian News Network
Captain-Planet News Network
Crappy News Network
Al Ja Zeera~
the Jimmy Carter News Network
by Ford Fairlane September 11, 2004
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