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aka coolest site ever
Wow! I'm a member of tds!
by gamergirl/Angie June 03, 2004
81 22
Also an abbreviation for the so-called "fake news" show on Comedy Central, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which is so kickass it hurts.
I watch TDS more than any other "real" news show.
by Athena Kay August 03, 2004
46 29
Tiny Dick Syndrome
Person 1: Dude that guy has a HUGE jacked up truck and his music is so loud I can't hear myself think!

Person 2: TDS, anyone?
by hodie1 September 30, 2010
20 5
Text Delay Syndrome; some one who takes a long time to text back
Me: "Wow Daniel, I texted you an hour ago and you just texted me back. You have TDS."
Daniel: "Whoops sorry"
by jpeezer November 11, 2010
25 12
The Douchebag Society
a large group of kids in middle school and high school who typically play sports, are obnoxious, have MANY girlfriends, and dress with two shirts, the top one usually nike or the school's colors, the bottom underarmour or of the sort, baggy basketball shorts, SUPER high nike socks, and way oversized basketball shoes.
DUDE that new kids obnoxious as hell and frickin dresses like the quarterback, hes definitely TDS material!
by BLAH23456789567546745674654675 November 07, 2010
13 5
True Dat Shit. An acronym offering explanatory abbreviation of correct status of a certain person, place or thing.
by SeepSeepMcGee September 02, 2010
5 2
An acronym standing for "Typing Deficiency Syndrome"; term refers to a person's inability to type correctly, their typed phrases generally including at least one typo, though several are often present. Appears to be indirectly contagious. Most common among people who spend a majority of their time in front of a computer screen.
This is typing without TDS.

Thia ios tyoing qith TDS.
by Riana B January 01, 2007
8 5