stands for Cock Meat Sandwich, its a term used to deter another guy from being gay
If you keep watching me I'm gonna give you a CMS
by DamiBS(DBS) January 06, 2012
Constant Masturbation Syndrome
I couldn't help but masturbate 4 times today, i must have CMS.
by Keith Stoner the magic man November 25, 2010
Columbian Messianic Society. An independent black and white comic. CMS gained instant fame from legal troubles over unauthorized use of the images of JonBenet Ramsey and John Walker Lindh.
Mentally unstable people seem to really enjoy that comic book CMS.
by Throbbing Monster February 11, 2009
constant menstrual syndrome a longer form of pms.
Since my girlfriend has cms,she is always pissed at me.
by Gus666 January 27, 2008
(Cunt Masters Squad) A Group of fine young gentlemen that know how to show a girl a good time.
He's in the CMS!!
by CMS Captain November 10, 2008
An overly expensive piece of survey equipment that is pushed into an underground cavity (void) by the errant surveyor. This $120,000Aus lemming is then left for half an hour, amongst a rain of 2 ton plus sized rocks in a bid to create a 3D model of the stope. The model therein created allows the engineer to 'reconcile' the stope, or compare a model as opposed to actual void shape. This task usually ends the surveyor getting blamed for a poor CMS, when in fact it is the engineers poor design and inexperience that has left half of the gold on the footwall of the stope.....
Go and get a CMS of the stope survey monkey, we think you marked out the rings wrong.....usual reply is: learn how to design rings and you will recover all the ore...fool
by camdude June 19, 2007
chronic masturbation syndrome
Ernie has a major case of CMS.
by Get Some Jackson August 21, 2008

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