Central Military Commission

The power behind the Chinese military. They do all the planning and shit.
"General Kong Feirong is the chairman of the CMC."
-Colonel Lambert, Splinter Cell
by Dave April 16, 2004
Carpet Munching Cunt
wow, amethystine is such a CmC
yea that stupid slut munches it all the time with her pixelhumping manwhore
by RagLicker July 10, 2008
Content Manager Chappo.
The man who makes the all important decisions to the goings on of the greatest website in the universe the SSS.
Donald: "How tops is CMC?"
Constance: "Yeah, CMC is the bomb!"
Sigmund: "But he is a bit hairy."
by Nicholas January 15, 2004
1. Acronym for Claremont McKenna College.

2. 5/10 CMC students become sexual predators.

3. A campus of students hoarding beer kegs in an attempt to get some tail. This fails because of the hard alcohol at CMC's sister college, Harvey Mudd College.

4. Also known as "Community of Miniature Cocks."
"You go to CMC? What, couldn't get into any of the other 5Cs?"

"This jerk from CMC tried to rape me last night. Too bad for him I had a stun gun. And too bad for any kids he might have wanted, because I took self-defense."

"I go to CMC because I wanted some free beer."
by Lydia Mendoza March 08, 2008
It stands for Casi Me Cago used by latin ppl rather than using lol
That movie was really funny Cmc
by ramos0513 June 23, 2009
Casi Me Cago
IN English: I Almost Shit Myself
White People Use LOL, Us Mexicans Say CMC
by Satoshi Kim July 28, 2009
Casi me cago (SPANISH): It means: that something was so funny it almost made u crap ur pants...
You can use it instead of LMAO, etc.
That was hilarious, CMC
by Bigorican September 24, 2009

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