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A sturdy, legend of a man with indestructible brain cells. Impervious to pain, he will melt in tropical weather. When naked, is easily confused for having three legs. Can often be found in the bathroom surrounded by haze. Prefers elegant women with firm breasts and an even firmer attitude.
Hey, you're hot. If you were any hotter you'd melt like a Chappo.
by T.Heads July 09, 2010
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Wants some, but ain't got none, and ain't gonna get none.

The gayest man alive.

Failure to get tang.
"Hey, did Bob get any last night? "Nah man, he pulled a Chappo..."

"Dude, you're such a Chappo..."
by ja March 16, 2005
best footy player ever he should play for school next year
dummies hits the gap and scores
by luke November 19, 2003

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