The definition of beautiful. Has an amazing personality and is absolutely stunning. Once you see her you can't get your eyes off her. Before you know it you have fallen in amazing love. She'll always make you feel good.
Constance, will you marry me?
by chicken squat January 06, 2010
Constance is a stunning beautiful person , inside and out . She looks after her friends and will always be there for them . Shes very smart and clumsy and can be bored easily . Everyone loves her and the guys can't have her . She is pale and is asian , and you would be soo dead if you didn't have Constance as a friend . She is gorgeous in every single way and is a big ol' nerd . The name is fantastic and I want it . Who ever doesn't know Constance or can't have her or don't have her name . Your a loserrr , cause shes not perfect but shes wonderful . But needs to learn how to say no , she is too nice sometimes (: . Ooh and she will marry a CodyZimmer sooner or laterr .
Jasmine: I am sooo Lucky to have Constance as a wonderful friend , she is sooo caring unlike you Jessica

Jessica: Yeaah I know , too bad Im not soo close to her , i wishhh .

CodyZ. : Damn it ! I wish I picked Constance over her use-to-be friend ; Jannie or Kianne . She is sooo stunning .

Guy2: Yeaah you shoul've . Mind If I take her shes sooo SEXYYY(: .
by Yourwonderfulfriend(: July 18, 2009
The best friend you could have. She is honest, loyal, and always positive. She is super smart and aces all her tests. She has good advice, and she's beautiful inside and out.
I'm so glad Constance is in my life
by Vic loves you December 13, 2010
Constance is a beautiful girl and all the boys love her... but she only loves 1 boy at a time. She has a fantastic body and is a great friend who supports her friends. She has a great tan in summer obvos.... and is stunning everyday even when shes at her worst. Works really hard to achive things, and is great at sports especially swimming and volleyball. Her boobs are quite large and she has a pretty good ass as well. She also knows how 2 pick the best friends in the world.Watch out world because theres a new model in town.
Thats so Constance

Shes Constance

Boys love Constance

Love u like constance
by iloveyoulikealovesong August 12, 2011
the best most hxc person, sxe hating, moshpit loving, interesting, random, most creative, origional All Time Low fan of SD, SURS loving fuse watching, myspace surfing person ever.
Constance is the most wonderful person ever
by Constance Abram May 24, 2008
Constance is an amazing person who is a part-time ghost and mows lawns on the side. He burns easily so he wears a large, floppy sunhat. Also he wears a wife beater but he doesn't seem to have a wife. He is 40 years old but uses skin care products to make himself look like a teenager. He tries to re-live the past and ends up walking in circles in his back yard, making his neighbors freak out and obsess over him for months.
Wow look at the constance over there, walking around in circles with a floppy sun hat. He is so amazinggggg!
by Raymatts November 27, 2011
A hoe that cheats on her boyfriend. She's stupid and ugly. She likes to blame things on other people and drag them down with her. She pretends to be sweet when you first meet her then as you get close to her she starts to be a bitch. She's also fake and tries her hardest to be a hipster.
Aye Constance, you're a bitch!
by spiderqueen December 12, 2011

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