French word, it means "comme ma bitte" (like my dick)
"c'est enorme" (it's enormous)
"cmb" (like my dick)
by french man March 11, 2006
stands for Cash Money Brothers.

Origin: from the 1991 film New Jack City.

In the movie Nino Brown and his brother Gee Money build up a prosperous drug empire under the group CMB.
"CMB, we are taking over."
by cv224 January 13, 2012
"The Chocolate Milk Bandits"; a group of teenagers who punish people for not taking car of their vehicles. You know you've been hit by them when you have CMB car-chalked, and chocolate milk on your trashy car. Take care of your vehicles or else CMB WILL get you.
"Dude, why's there chocolate milk on my car? What's CMB"
"Man, you've been hit by "The Chocolate Milk Bandits. Take car of your trashy car next time!"
by CMBFALIFE July 03, 2012
clenching my booty
used when someone gets you tight, causing you to clench your booty
when he leaves me on seen I CMB
by burger burper August 22, 2014
A slang term for Colombo. The commercial capital of Sri Lanka.
Exp 1.
Brown Guy A: yo you from the hill city?

Brown Guy B: nah bro I rep the CMB!

Exp 2.
Hot Brown Guy : Ah nangii you from Kandy?
Hot Brown Chick : Nah uh aiya CMB is the city I come from!
by Sinha Empire September 11, 2012
Crazy Mall Bitches: A group of girls (usually between the age of 15 to 17) who think they are about 22, and act like whores around 18-19 year old guys. When rejected by the guys, or "bros", they follow, or "stalk", them around the mall.
*Guys walking around mall, see CMBs*
CMBs: Hey, you wanna chill with us ;)?
Guys: Noooo hahahaha
*Guys walk away, CMBs follow around mall until guys leave*
by DJ LiMitless September 22, 2011
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