Certified Lightweight Bitch. Someone who gets drunk very easily and then makes a total bitch out of themselves.
That CLB took two sips of Four Loko and then ran around Peternoville yelling and sang on the bus all night.
by touchdowntk January 25, 2011
Top Definition
Stands for Creepy Little Bastard.
Christian is such a CLB.
by Mack November 20, 2003
CLB = Creepy Little Bastard
Ian is a CLB (creepy little bastard)!
by Annonymous October 22, 2003
Christian Likes Blondes, people who thinks it stands for creepy little bastard is obviously not part of the peepulation
Christian is a CLB
by Christian January 04, 2004
Creepy Little Bastard

used in the WWE/WWF when Austin was in charge.
Christian was described as this.
As he tried to run down Goldberg.
The audience would then chant CLB during his entrance music
Announcer dude - " The first opponent to the ring today is Christian "
Crowd - " CLB CLB CLB!!!!!"
by CragDoll February 07, 2009
Creepy Little Bastard.
CLB: christian, randy orton, legacy
by rkosucks July 27, 2009
Creepy Little Bastard
Simon was a CLB in the hot tub that night.
by Pete April 04, 2004
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