a little boy who lives in north carolina and is addicted to wacking off in the shower while watching animal porn on his iphone and trying to avoid getting it wet.
whats that noise comming from the shower? it sounds like a man having sex with a sheep. no its just Cj.
by fadingdrake November 26, 2011
1. Cuddle Job
2. Snuggling
3. Spooining
Ross got her naked but all he ended up with was a CJ
by UMASS2008 September 22, 2010
A very attractive guy how has the most beautiful Eyes. His style is cute t shirts and pricy jeans. He is friendly with everyone. He has had a girlfriend, but only flirts with one other girl. He can't decide which girl to choose. He doesn't want to looses either so he keeps flirting. He can make a girl feel like a million bucks by just being around them. His friends just need to tell him who to choose. They are usually hilarious and insane. Never short. The perfect size. Every girls guy bestfriend
Man I love that dude cj!
by Baconandsoccerandfudge November 27, 2014
An amazing guy who is sweet and quiet. He likes to joke around with girls and make them laugh. He might have someone who he is in a thing with but he has a deep love for someone else. Cj will help you through your problems and give you the most love. He has this cute smirk that will make your pants fly off.
"Holy who was that guy you were talking to last night?"
"That was Cj he was the best."
by oimnoone June 09, 2015
A guy who is practically perfect, generally a theatre guy, goes for girls and is great at making them feel comfortable around him. He is always checking in to see if his girl is okay, and is always there for you.
OMG, cj just asked me out!
by Everything I say Is true May 14, 2015
A man who is very nice and handsome, yet poops all over your chimney. He enjoys sports such as swimming, baseball, and soccer, but somehow manages to poop on everybody (even the coach) no matter how far away he is.
"Hey, did you see that caterpillar"
" I am the caterpillar"
"Let's go play tennis"
"Of course CJ"
by Randomizle January 09, 2015
"To CJ" - verb, action, to do something retarded or irrational, to consistently misspell and show no respect for grammar or punctuation.
"Should I take valium before a blood test?" "No, that'd be Cjing"

"Why does sp say its gave of weiners then?" "Sounds to me like you're CJing"
by Alpacabear August 02, 2015

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