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A greasy male with a pube stache who is an annoying dickbag. "CJ" is oblivious to world around him, thus his personal hygiene suffers greatly. Known to listen to shitty classic rock on iPod speakers hung around his neck.

"CJ" mumbles terrible jokes under his breath, which smells so bad, people believe he has eaten a fart bubble.

All in all, "CJ" is a lazy cunt and gets in the way of people who are actually working.
Derek: Dude, Jim's is a disgusting fuck.
Arthur: We might as well call him CJ.

Ash: Its just CJ, you ass monkey.

by jack meursault January 03, 2009
CJ is shorthand for Cheese-Jockey; an individual who is hired for an event in which his/her job is to choose and serve different cheeses. The term was coined in 2007 by the club Cheesy Not Cheesy in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2008.

The first known CJ is Cheeseboy representing Hildas Ost as a resident CJ at the above mentioned club.
- CJ Cheeseboy is serving up some mad cheese tonight!
by Japfreak March 24, 2008
an over eating disorder...That you eat till you expoled.
Man that guy probaly cjed once.
by CJCP06-07 January 01, 2007
when one well equiped guy of at least 10 inches wraps his dink into a coil like a doughnut, this dink must be flacid, and the other guy sticks his erect dink through the hole.

like a gay man's vagina
~how about a cj?
~ can't say no to a little cj now and then
~peter frequently gives cj's
by md_hammer November 03, 2004
Slightly.....unintellingent clueless creature who says he targets girls who would be gracing him by using him as a shoerag, while he actually loves his neighbor, who is madly in love with him. He, being totally unreceptive to any signals this neighbor sends him, fears that she does not like him and therefore fakes not liking her. He has recieved every signal possible from his neighbor, including recieving a rose from her on Valentine's, delivered by her friends, while he was surrounded by his friends. Extremely sensitive on the inside, this creature tries to cover it up with a hard, macho exterior. Also klutzy and forgetful.
A boy from WRMS with another initial A.
by Neighbor Girl June 28, 2003
A homosexual who uses cheesecake in the bedroom.
When I went on holiday to Australia, I had a romance with Daniel who's best friend was a CJ
by thesheepatehim April 17, 2009
person with an extremly large left foot.
"wow, did you see that person!"

"yeah, they had a bad case of the Cj!"
by Jessica + Russell <3 January 30, 2009
conversation jerk

1. when you're having a conversation with someone and they insist on staring at something on your face other than your eyes (I.e. that fat zit on your nose, the spinich in your teeth etc.)
Ralph: "Dude i asked this guy for directions and he would'nt stop staring at my ass"
Bill: "Dude what a CJ"
by oshauma December 21, 2008