s the shortened form that stands for cock juggler.

A person that enjoys (to the point of erection) barehanded cock juggling.
Booby you suck and its all because your such a damn CJ!
by sneaky sneak December 06, 2006
A homosexual who uses cheesecake in the bedroom.
When I went on holiday to Australia, I had a romance with Daniel who's best friend was a CJ
by thesheepatehim April 17, 2009
short for cock jock!!
Yo whats really hood dunnie, whats good wit the biddies i got this fly beast ass fit on ya digg. You know all these birds always cjing ya feel me, no homo! Keep it gully my ninja.
by Da Bouws Houwg May 02, 2008
the best sleepaway camp in the world!
U wish u were from CJ oooooh aahhh
by CJrox February 26, 2005
Clit Job, referring to the act of cunnilingus or VJ, with a primary emphasis on the stimulation of the clitoris.
See also BJ and VJ
Colleen: "Wow Jeff, that CJ you just gave me really got me off!"
by Jeffy March 30, 2004
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