the best sleepaway camp in the world!
U wish u were from CJ oooooh aahhh
by CJrox February 26, 2005
Clit Job, referring to the act of cunnilingus or VJ, with a primary emphasis on the stimulation of the clitoris.
See also BJ and VJ
Colleen: "Wow Jeff, that CJ you just gave me really got me off!"
by Jeffy March 30, 2004
a usually ok dude who generally has a small penis but is cool with it.
hey man my girlfriend just went out with a cj
dont sweat it he is a queer
by christian james June 30, 2009
A girl who is a bitch backstabber. She will do anything for love even if it's not real epically dating her best friends bf. She tries to be cool and fit in but isn't very good at it. Don't date them because they are horrible at everything they try. They also are super annoying and are wayyyynto skinny
Guy: Did you see that girl over there?
Guy 2: She's such a CJ

Guy: And that girls a skinny bitch
by Jazz Rielly October 10, 2014

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