A greasy male with a pube stache who is an annoying dickbag. "CJ" is oblivious to world around him, thus his personal hygiene suffers greatly. Known to listen to shitty classic rock on iPod speakers hung around his neck.

"CJ" mumbles terrible jokes under his breath, which smells so bad, people believe he has eaten a fart bubble.

All in all, "CJ" is a lazy cunt and gets in the way of people who are actually working.
Derek: Dude, Jim's is a disgusting fuck.
Arthur: We might as well call him CJ.

Ash: Its just CJ, you ass monkey.

by jack meursault January 03, 2009
Computer Janitor.

A sysadmin, desktop support, network engineer, general IT person, etc.
One who keeps the computers tidy for others to use.
I'm a dev, not a cj, go get someone from the server room to do that.
by cazlab August 05, 2010
Most smart member of Grove street famlies. Genius who can change apperance so the cops don't reconise him. Though negative. Has had mother murderd. Smartest member no matter how much Ryder thinks HE'S the smartest.
Oh your CJ? I didn't notice.
by Ghiz January 03, 2005
noun- Derrogatory synonym for "vaginal secretion" dirrived from the first letters in the words, "cunt juice"
"She was so horny her CJ soaked right through her undies."
by Justin Butler November 17, 2003
Cassette Jockey, or DJ of cassettes. A CJ will always have the right tape for the mood of the room and knows his tapes well enough to flip to the B side seamlessly.

Theses skills are largely unappreciated until a long car ride in a car with a cassette stereo.
The drive across Ohio was so boring until Paul sat up front to be CJ and rocked his cassettes.
by TreeWeezel January 06, 2012
1. a complete jerk
2. also, a douche
I can't believe what a CJ that guy ended up being, I hope he trips and falls on his face.
by Kris Patrickson November 10, 2010
Cj the meaning of cock juggler or cock junkie.
Chris is such a cj

I am a real good at cj
by Sheldizzle July 30, 2010
circle jerk
yo everyone is having a cj over mj dying
by quanchman July 02, 2009

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