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Stands for Cheer It On. Which is what people with slow internet connections do to the new revolving circle for Netflix streaming.
So, Sam, I heard you saying, "Come on, take some more bandwidth from somebody and finish revolving already!" last night.
Yeah, I was doing my CIO thing to speed up my movie.
by Mickeynow May 24, 2012
5 3
Chief Information Officer
This person is responsible for all Information Technology Functions in the enterprise.
Steve: Whats your Job Title?
Bob: I'm the CIO of General Electric.
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- August 17, 2009
36 5
Cry It Out
I often let my baby CIO if I need to do something.
by DanielleJ July 10, 2008
21 10
cIOS either stands for "Custom Input/Output System" or "Custom Internal Operating System". cIOS is quite simply a modified/patched Nintendo Wii system IOS. by which we can run our own code (homebrew).
Person #1: What's your cIOS version ??
Person #2: it's cIOS Rev 14.
by Jowadmax September 25, 2010
2 0
Check It Out. Commonly used for instant messeging.
CIO! I just found this website.
by Xope Poquar September 15, 2004
14 16