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verb ;a sexual act performed by a male on a female.

reference: Rick Cerone, was a professional catcher in MLB in the early 1980’s.

The act of performing a “Cerone” requires the male to crouch over his female partner, in the catcher position, and then proceed to insert his penis into her vagina.
I pulled a Cerone on this bitch, and she wasn’t ready for it. The maneuver is also referred to as “froggin’” or “ the crouching tiger” .
#cerone #pussy #vagina #rick #sex
by Menafee September 07, 2010
Someone who is obsessed with finding something they truly desire but the goal is illusive.
That obsession will soon stop- it's cerone.
#cerone #obsessed #desire #illusive #goal
by Dan Cerone June 21, 2007
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