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when a girl bends over in frog position (lifts knees up to boozems and continuously bops up and down..slowly'
the man then lifts up her tucked in legs and inserts his erected penis into her streched pussy hole
'dude, yesterday me n cassie tried out froggin'
'arr wikid dude, what did it feel like?'
'best position me n cas have ever tried!'

by froaaaaggiiiin December 11, 2008
30 18
dry humping
Man, do you see that dude froggin' your ex on the dance floor?
by horneytodd January 20, 2009
13 7
when you've smoked enough weed that your eyes resemble that of a frog's
"Dude you've smoked too much, you're froggin'"
by sketts41 July 06, 2009
8 3
"He's been froggin' hard since Friday when we saw him at the club with that dealer..."
by Chork deBlork June 01, 2009
1 4
Scooty was hawella froggin' after we ate mad shroomery
by Jerf June 15, 2003
12 17
when you pee in a girls butthole and then drink it out with a straw, kind of like shrimpin
that bitch is so nasty she was beggin to go froggin
by Nate M January 12, 2004
9 31