meaning dope, nice, and sometimes desirable.

laid back
{1} "yo dude, check out my new stereo"
"oh.. word.. thats pretty cas bro"

{2} "this party is pretty cas"
by lookitzlyssa July 10, 2008
Cas is the shortened term for a casual gamer, or casual. If somebody is a casual gamer you can call them a Cas or never say their real name ever again and call them "The Cas." (Pronounced Cah-j, not Cah-s)
Hunter: I just play games for fun, I'm not in to any of that hardcore mlg stuff.

Brandon: To think I thought of you as a friend makes me feel like I have failed in life. How could I have mistaken a CAS like you to be an mlg pro?
by Sama Lama August 05, 2016
THIS IS THE TRUTH: CAS, abbreviation for Casi Auto-Suicidio or, according to other sources, Castigo Asociado al Sufrimiento, is a way in which students can develop their bullshitting skills, hide from challenges, let others do the work, be the laziest ass on Earth and telling the ethical implications to fuck off, and write 4000 words about how this helped to improve our world and society. Students usually refer to it as a free because it really is because teachers, as they have well learned in high school, don’t do shit to then write how productive and fulfilling the lessons really were (when the most fulfilling experience may had been to get two jokers in a card game). This bunch of refined pieces of bullshit are then sent to the headmaster, who kindly converts them into money by means of some obscure thing called advertisement. Then, teachers and headmaster happily share this benefits among them, and students are told that CAS doesn’t count for their grades. Students then FML themselves and create a group on facebook called Last day of school prank, so they all can post what ever their feelings are after realizing all this.
Typical CAS answer:

Describe and explain any of the components of the CAS programme that made you uncomfortable or which you disagreed with.
The CAS programme have given me the opportunity to grow as a person, making myself aware of my strenghts and areas of grow, while developing useful skills. I have also had fun in many of the projects, and enjoyed teaching my mentee. I see, therefore, nothing that made me ucomfortable with it.

Real answer in any other context:

Describe and explain any of the components of the CAS programme that made you uncomfortable or which you disagreed with.

by anonqwerty October 15, 2011
its an annagram for Cop A Sac which is used to ask some one if they would purchase a "sack" of marijuana and smoke you out
Yo whats up Eric you should cas.
by DC Da Boss April 28, 2011
Acronym for "Cute as Shit." Used by men while in the company of women to describe something that could be otherwise described as simply "cute."

This addition could be done in order to impress said women by appearing sensitive/discerning without losing qualities of manliness, or could be used in order to avoid appearing like a "pussy" or "fag" in front of other men. The acronym "C.A.S." is used elusively in extreme cases.

Emphasis in the phrase is often placed on "Shit," and may or may not be followed by a "high five" or a "dip snap" in customary bro-style gesturing, in order to mask the perceived "gayness" of the phrase.

Popular locations for this phrase are in shopping malls, pet adoption agencies, zoos, and other locations in which "cute" things may be found.
Colleen: "Ooooo I like those shoes, Carolina!"
Carolina: "Thanks! What do you think, Doug?"
Doug: "Yeah word, those shoes are cute as SHIT."

"Yo, that bunny rabbit is cute as SHIT" or "Yo, that dress is C.A.S.!"
by HugsyBeefpie June 26, 2011
Shorthand way of saying casket. The Raekwon/Wu-collective collab song 'Guillotine(Swordz), off of 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' contains the following line by Inspektah Deck: 'Poisonous paragraphs, smash ya phonograph
in half, it be the Inspectah Deck on the warpath,1st class leavin mics with a cast' is often misinterpreted as reading 'leaving mics in a cas'. Subsequent to the track's release, the term was popularized amongst the underground, when in fact it didn't exist at the outset. Thus proving hip-hop vernacular's spontaneous generation theory.
Leave in a cas, I'm heavin' your ass, over my shoulder like a newlywed, gonna learn how it feels like to-be-dead
by Dudeimentary October 14, 2010
1.The best internet paintchat buddy a morron can have.
2. Abusive lover who rejects you for chores
3. Person who gets grounded repeatdly for stupid things.

1. Dexy: SZBCJAS OMFG CASPHIRE. <33 I LOVE YA ;u; my casphireeeeee

2. Dexy: lajdksaj CAS....?;A; dont reject meeee!*sob* ADKS ARE YOU DOING CHORES AGAIN?!;n;

3. Dexy: youre grounded again cas?
Dexy:....what for...?>:C
Cas:....not taking a bath when i was supposed to.. >.>;

by Alpha Dexy February 21, 2009
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