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51 definitions by kristin

1. To "google" something, meaning to look it up on Google.

2. To search for something in general
"Wanna know more about the French Revolution? Google it"

"Google this"
by Kristin November 18, 2004
sexy guys, theyre tanned and wear speedos!
wow jeff is so hot in his speedo
by kristin November 04, 2003
plural for anus, since anuses just sounds silly
Kristin has a thing for white-boy ani.
by Kristin April 07, 2005
Best show ever created
I think i'm in love with Cartman on the best show ever created....South Park
by Kristin January 11, 2004
Tha best female rapper.
Hol' it down Trina. We make them ballas want to stirr.
by Kristin April 23, 2005
A stupid fat bitch who don't say shit but his name and his #.
Damn is dat dude so desperate he got to give his name and # out in every song he make.
by Kristin April 23, 2005
A dumb ass person who says stupid shit.
Boy 1: Damn that girl fine .
BOy 2/Dumb Fuck: Naw her grandma fine.
by Kristin April 23, 2005