-to greatly exaggerate a bid or an offer in the commodities market
-see pinnochio...
I was short- but had to get out- when I got CARTED by a Dave bid ....
It dumped !!!!!!!!!
by ynkx July 23, 2004
a cart is created by holding a cat towards ones backside and farting onto it. the cart can then be passed on to an unsuspecting victim. phrase is derived from the mixture of cat/fart.
Joe, why dont you call your cat in by you, its bothering me... little does he know its a cart!
by unanimous anonymous September 29, 2007
To Cum and Fart simultaneously.
Was getting a blowjob from Susan last night and I totally carted... she didn't even slow down.
by YouPornJude August 10, 2012
A school in Clovis, CA www.cart.org
I hate going to CART the teachers suck hairy balls
by Kyle Hamilton January 10, 2004
A fart that is cowardly overdubbed with a loud staged cough to avoid embarrassment in polite company.
Charlie: Yes ma'am. *CART!*
The Queen: Oh you poor boy, you should really get something for that chest.
Charlie: Yes ma'am.
by cheddarfloor April 21, 2005
A big joke. it's F1 except in America. who likes open wheeled road course racing anyway? its to foreign. except IRL which is actually exceiting open-wheeled racing.
billy watches cart because he's a commie.
by Elliott Sadler 38 April 24, 2005
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