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6 definitions by Laurgasm

When you need to shit so badly it starts coming out and hopefully goes back in.
I was swimming and suddenly i felt myself praire doggin' like noooobodys buisness
by lauRgasm April 25, 2005
54 24
The act of or engaging in Sex.
"I walked into my house and i could tell my parents were doing some c-razzzzzy horizontal hokey pokey!"
by lauRgasm April 25, 2005
32 15
A person who walks around the mall aimlessly doing about 540 laps or so.
Mossy was originally a Loser Lapper but joined the side of the Loser Leaners.
by Laurgasm June 01, 2003
6 3
Gay mall in Miami where people go and do loser laps or go to the movies.
Nick loves to see movies at Sunset Place.
by Laurgasm June 01, 2003
16 13
Simply another name used for Bathroom
"Guys if we don't find a piss tin soon im guna piss myself."
by lauRgasm April 25, 2005
1 1
A abbreviation for Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart.
Caro wanted to sneak us into C-Town for lunch.
by Laurgasm May 12, 2003
20 341