C - unit, is short form for chronic unit
Eh Boi, Dun Mess Wit Da C - Unit. Dey Be Holdin Da Chronic On LOCK
by TNTMURDA June 18, 2008
c unit abbreviation for chick unit...or crip unit
yo see that c-unit there that was tight!!
by chinito June 25, 2006
A very average basketball team full of morons.
C-UNiT is coming to town. Community day tomorrow boys!
by Philbur August 18, 2006
a 50-cent inspired variation of a cunt
d00d, my girlfriends being a real c-unit
by taz gam March 20, 2004
a guy who treats girls like shit even tho they are georgeous huccis sporting guccis
there was this girl. she was very sexual. there was this guy. his name was Chad. he called himself C-UNIT. she was nice. he was not. he was a C-UNIT
by G-SLUTS-- rep that May 19, 2006
c unit the c stands for chav it's a piss take on chavs who think ther g unit
look at that c unit fuckin chavs ch ch ch ch chav unit!
by skateboard pleb August 12, 2006

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