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4 definitions by Philbur

1: Someone who readily conforms with people around him.

2: The term "jackway" can also be applied to someone who cannot do something without someone following them.
1: He really seems to be a "jackway" his tastes change with the people around him.

2: That guy is such a "jackway" he can't even go to the canteen without someone holding his hand.
by Philbur August 18, 2006
0 4
A very average basketball team full of morons.
C-UNiT is coming to town. Community day tomorrow boys!
by Philbur August 18, 2006
10 23
Someone who is unaware that a muffin wrapper has been placed on their shoulder. People who are standing by then point and laugh while shouting "MUFFIN MAN!" at the top of their voice.
Ha, Brad didnt even realise that he was the "Muffin Man"
by Philbur August 18, 2006
8 35
A "Dunny" is someone who scores 16pts on the basketball court despite possessing the most unco shooting action. This is coupled with the fact that he runs like a Welshman (retard).
That guy just pulled a "Dunny", he almost tripped over his own feet while taking that shot yet scored.
by Philbur August 23, 2006
2 37