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A short form of "Copy and Paste".
"I need to C&P that, because it's too long to re-type."
by J* January 01, 2004
Like copy and paste, but to discribe a person. Used for a boy who would copy and paste the same message to lots of girls. See (sleaze)
"I used to really like him but he's a bit C&P
by X March 28, 2005
abbreviation for copy and paste
{over messaging system}
Joe:yo, C&P me that convorsation where that chick says she wants to rub peanut butter all over you
Steve: LOL , Okay {copy and pastes said convorstion into chat window, then hits send}
Joe: ROFL!!!!!
by Robo-Christ April 12, 2007
a word-processing term that refers to either :

1. copy and paste
2. cut and paste
I'm just going to c & p this onto my essay.
by the time is now 5:55 October 23, 2006
Copy and Paste
I'll c&p this whole discussion i had with Jane Doe and send it to you.
by Mrazfan January 11, 2009
Like cope & paste, but for a person. A boy who would copy and paste the same message to many girls. See (sleaze).
"God! I used to like him but he just seems so c&p."
by X March 28, 2005
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