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bzzt is used when there is an awkward situation, especially around people who say weird things/guys who tell bad pick up lines
(used like a diss)
by tatweeks November 01, 2010
24 6
An identification word said after subtle sexual references.
Pear Pear- "First prepare the chicken breast, and then saute the mushrooms until the liquids comes out"
Care Bear- "Bzzt!"
by EvilWeevil July 24, 2008
51 16
When a joke falls flat, someone says something stupid, hit them with the "bzzt". Also means no.
Did you see the game last night?

by Uncle Ingrid April 09, 2009
2 3
when you poke someone or something and make a "bzzt" sound. Esp. when they are ticklish and it makes them jolt.
I bzzt'd the hampster.
by Stacie Von Kashmir August 13, 2008
11 30