Top Definition
An identification word said after subtle sexual references.
Pear Pear- "First prepare the chicken breast, and then saute the mushrooms until the liquids comes out"
Care Bear- "Bzzt!"
by EvilWeevil July 24, 2008
bzzt is used when there is an awkward situation, especially around people who say weird things/guys who tell bad pick up lines
(used like a diss)
by tatweeks November 01, 2010
When a joke falls flat, someone says something stupid, hit them with the "bzzt". Also means no.
Did you see the game last night?

by Uncle Ingrid April 09, 2009
when you poke someone or something and make a "bzzt" sound. Esp. when they are ticklish and it makes them jolt.
I bzzt'd the hampster.
by Stacie Von Kashmir August 13, 2008
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