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To saute, (verb) has various meanings. It can mean to lay the smackdown, wreck house, to strike in the head, to cover your girlfriend in rose pedals while she is eating turkey legs or to just cover her in turkey legs, to butter her up with leftover butter from red lobster. and to give her simple yet effective compliments when she is feeling down.
"Say man, you just stole my crack pipe, i'm about to saute that ass!"

"Man, i got so sauteed last night!"

"Honey, I'm home. Are you ready to get sauteed?"

"You are amazing, Twilight!"
by Weezy Brown, Kings Kate! June 07, 2009
1. To toss quickly in hot fat.

2. A one night stand with someone that you have a lardon for.
-You aren't going out with that chunkmonster are you?

-Nah, I just sautéed him
by saidinmilamber May 02, 2011
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