a real jerk
a guy who's done wrong
by vicki November 13, 2003
Top Definition
Butthook, or Hook For Short is a Synonym to Butthead, Butthole, etc. Also can mean someone who is lazy. Bum
He was such a Butthook when he didn't keep his promise.
by Tykehook December 04, 2007
When you stick your finger up your butt and you get shit on it and then you stick that finger in your friend's mouth and pull really hard.
Aaron loves getting a nice butthook
by shiftyclaybob April 27, 2010
Known as a synonym to butthead, or bum. Short Form known as simply "hook".
The guy who kicked me in the shin was a butthook.
by Mike the Tyke December 16, 2007
An attachment to the stock of a rifle or shotgun, often used in competition, which is tucked under the shooter's arm thereby counteracting the tendency of the weapon's muzzle to droop, or to allow one-handed firing.
Some tactical shotguns are equipped with butt hooks.
by Mr. Fnortner June 11, 2009
Butt hook: A complete jerk. A highly unpleasant person. A real bastard.
" He not only ate all our food, he refused to pay for it. What a butt hook!"
by Malcolm Nicoll March 18, 2006
A specific instance of a doohickey, considered to be the ultimate "useless thing".
I was looking for the can opener in the kitchen, but all I could find were butthooks.
by butthook October 15, 2007
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