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A homonym that sounds like "but her teeth." To call a woman a "butter teeth" is to say her body and face are very attractive but her teeth are disgusting. It is even more fitting if the problem with her teeth is a yellow hue.
"I thought she was so hot, then she smiled- butter teeth!"
by Keifermail July 13, 2009
noun: usually used in reference to an individual with poor dental hygiene; a result of plaque accumulating on teeth both above and below the gum line that can harden into a rough yellow or brown deposit called tartar. Usually this individual will have a yellow hue to their teeth. This term also causes lifelong torment and guest appearances on Dr. Phil
Hey butter teeth, can I have some butter for my toast?
by Grandma Wrinkles July 21, 2010
A girl or guy who looks good but her teeth (Butterteeth breaks down into But Her Teeth)
"Yo i thought this bitch was fine but she was a butterteeth"
by Killa Cam February 15, 2005
Eroded and yellowed teeth; that are a result of alkali corrosion; from smoking crack cocaine.
She smoked so much crack this summer, she's allready starting to get butterteeth!
by Robertino October 15, 2005
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