1. Displaying the emotions and feelings a small child would exhibit after falling on their butt. 2. Exaggerate one's distress in the same manner a child would after falling and not being injured.
When I took Jim's last cupcake, he got all butt hurt and didn't have dinner with us.
by Hamarz September 18, 2006
-Pain due to the forceful stretching of the butthole.

-Feeling resentful because you're shit at life.
-Daniel Flowers was very butthurt when he got kicked from the call.

-Daniel Flowers was butthurt after getting run train on by 67 dudes.
by Sr_Daniel_Flowers November 19, 2014
When someone gets overly angered. Over reacting and becoming angry over a joke or situation.
Nathan didn't know what butthurt was and was butthurt about it
by Chris3232 September 12, 2014
A person who gets seriously mad because he had to go buy a lighter and blocks girls on all social media.
David was butthurt that Vanessa didn't like him
by gemstonegalore July 09, 2014
When you eat spicy food, then when pooping it out later/diarrhea and it hurts your butt.
Matt was Butt Hurt after he ate he ate jalapeño peppers.
by Butt Hurt July 06, 2014
A painful condition stemming from anal sex.
Guys who use the phrase "butt-hurt" online are not only gay, but would not have the common courtesy to give a reach-around.
by j00ann0ym3 March 09, 2014
A condition, in which a person rages over dumb things after getting called out. Commonly called the Zimmerman syndrome.
Blaine: You suck at driving.
Cade: Okay, like stop being a dick
(Cade punches Blaine and runs away crying)
Blaine: Butthurt much?
by Blaine Thomas February 20, 2014
Butthurt: (But-hert) Noun. Getting your arse served to you along with the trimmings after dying to gankers, resulting in a bitch-fest on a social media website and disregarding the fact that the game laughs and mocks anything fair.
Example of Butthurt: "This totally #%*+ing stupid. Those f#**$?s can't take me one on one. I wonder what everyone else that plays this game thinks of this unfair injustice"
by RapeTrainHazNoBrakes February 08, 2014

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