Being butthurt means being aggravated, pissed off, or bugged over something completely trivial. Usually when people are butthurt they are really dramatic about it. Most people like to laugh at or even mock the annoyance of butthurt people because their reasoning for being so butthurt is ridiculously stupid.
Guy 1: Typical Chandler is butthurt again about us drinking one of his beers and hiding his bike.

Guy 2: Yeah, he was really butthurt last night when he lost beer pong and I called him a little bitch.
Guy 1: When will Chandler ever learn to take a joke?

Guy 2: Who cares? Its funny.
by The Master of Everything May 07, 2013
A word used only when one has nothing intellectual or factual to say in an online debate, and therefore resort to the use of the word to downplay another person's argument to compensate for the lack of one's own.
- "Dude, you can dislike LeBron James, but there's no denying that he's been carrying the Cavaliers all throughout these NBA finals. The game of basketball is no one-man show; his team needs to step up to the plate if they want to win."

- "Oh, look, a butthurt LeBron James fan."

- "Oh, look, another ignoramus on the internet who has to resort to using the word "butthurt" to compensate for the fact that he nothing smart to say. Congratulations on proving I'm only smarter than you are."
by EDVERSiTY June 17, 2015
being offended and holding a grudge
Billy was Butthurt at the fact that Sylvester took a potato chip from his potato chip bag.
by Thugger Mcblackington September 06, 2015
Having illegitimate feelings of resentment or sadness, triggered by insensitive people.
Sorry for hanging up on you; I'm just a little butt-hurt about you not calling me on my birthday.
by mrgrieves October 12, 2015
when someone becomes so upset over being trolled in a facebook group that they leave a dramatic post...on how the group is a bunch of jerk and they're leaving it.
Dude, Somebody got butthurt in Fish junkies again

Cool, I'll check it out
by J1976 October 10, 2015
An excessive or unjustifiable feeling of personal offence or resentment
-Jeeze, whats up with Keith today?

-Oh he's just butthurt, Eric is out so we've been picking on him instead....

-Butthurt boy wouldn't even roll down his windows to talk to me....
by njhater October 09, 2015
When you see someone get hurt on TV and you feel a sympathy pain in your butt -- like a tingling sensation -- you are butthurt.
Person 1: Did you see Nicolas Cage jump onto that roof and crash through it?

Person 2: Yeah... I was so butthurt when I saw that.
via giphy
by RuckyDucky July 24, 2016
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