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A veiny hemmorhoid that has swelled to infection, and looks like a hanging grape on a deciduous and woody vine.
Frank: Hey Steve, we saved you a seat, sit down.

Steve: I would Frank, but I'm afraid I'd bust my Butt Grape.
by tedwilli9 August 02, 2008
A small terd usually comes from a females anal hole
My girlfriend left a buttgrape on my bathroom floor.
by joshwild February 05, 2010
A case of the hemorrhoids. A mass of dilated veins in swollen tissue at the margin of the anus or nearby within the rectum -- usually used in plural.
I gotta sit on this damn doughnut cause I have a ragin case of the butt grapes.

These butt grapes are tearing my ass the fuck up.
by chain dawg October 10, 2005
The scientific / agricultural definition of male testicles.
"Suck My Butt Grapes" or "Lance Armstrong only has one Butt Grape"
by FREKBOX April 12, 2009
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