Like peanut butter, it sticks to the upper palate of your mouth.
I was eating this chick's ass, she clipped out some butt butter and my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I was looking for a glass of milk to wash it down.
by Jason November 15, 2003
Top Definition
the thin sheen of sweat and and shit that forms in your ass crack
the butt butter in my ass had been forming all day, making me feel and smell like a dirty hog
by marauder January 03, 2004
The filmy sweat that builds up near your butt, also know as "swamp ass"
After working out in the gym for a hour and a half, i had a load of butt butter.
#swamp ass #butt #butter #nasty #sweaty
by suicidebomba69 April 07, 2011
A man's sperm that is left in the butt or in between the butt cheeks to become stale.
I'm not going in there until you scrape that butt butter off.
#butt #butter #sperm #stale #cheeks
by duality8808 August 29, 2011
Similar to a creampie but this time it comes out the ass.
After anal sex, and not a quickie either, you splooge inside a chicks ass and when you pull out, brown coloured cum oozes out is your butt butter. Not to be considered in the pornstar biz (as they are clean hooped normally) but usually amateurs with unwiped/non-enima cleaned poopshoots.
#butt butter #butt #butter #anal creampie #but butter #but buter #buttbutter
by The Dirty Pajerty June 07, 2008
Ass crack sweat that turns into a thick lathery paste. Fem. Brown Betty
Jogging on a hot sumer day will produce butt butter
by Cindy February 05, 2005
the nasty stuff that exudes from one's buttocks as a clown violates him.
I went to the circus last night and came home with five pounds of buttbutter!!
by El Mono September 05, 2003
edible anal lube for homosexual couples
Jose used butt butter on Joe so his butt we taste better.
by Ricecake March 24, 2005
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