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5 definitions by suicidebomba69

The filmy sweat that builds up near your butt, also know as "swamp ass"
After working out in the gym for a hour and a half, i had a load of butt butter.
by suicidebomba69 April 07, 2011
6 1
A long tie du-rag
Did you see that nigga struttin a du-sack the other day?
by suicidebomba69 January 23, 2011
2 0
Someone who sucks so much at CoD, watching them is like a needle in your ass.
Anthony: I was playing MW2 with a total Xantard the other day, it felt like damn hail storm down low.
Matt: Yeah tell me bout them Xantards, dey da worst.
by suicidebomba69 January 23, 2011
4 3
Look at all them niggas crowdin' round the ghetto master.
by suicidebomba69 February 24, 2011
0 0
There's to ways to use the word Nigga
1. To degrade a black man who has a job, family, and contributes to society.
2. To a name someone who lives in the ghetto, abuses welfare, doesn't have a job, deals drugs, and carries handguns around with them.
Boe: Yo lets go jack this nigga's car.
Carl: Nah bitch this nigga's got a job and he worked hard for this.

Nigga: Yo nigga hook me up with some hood scratch.
Nigga: Bitch get your own i spent my whole damn welfare check on it.
by suicidebomba69 January 24, 2011
1 1