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Abbreviation (sometimes considered 1337 talk) for 'In my opinion', usually used in forums or message boards online.
"Imo, I believe they should change this about this game."
"I think they should make more episodes for this television show, imo."
by Marauder September 06, 2004
the thin sheen of sweat and and shit that forms in your ass crack
the butt butter in my ass had been forming all day, making me feel and smell like a dirty hog
by marauder January 03, 2004
A term used for those who believe that Sirius Black and Remus Lupin of the Harry Potter books were a romantic couple, or would be good together as a romantic couple. The name derives from their canine forms and the term shipper.
The puppyshipper argued that Sirius and Remus living together during Order of the Phoenix was a clue as to their love for each other.
by Marauder February 09, 2005
to insult someone, usually sarcastically, while mentioning their father and/or being arrogant
Jacob's teacher snaped him about his chemistry experiment, telling him there was no way Jacob had created a perfect experiment since his father had been horrible at chemistry, but then again he was just as arrogant as his father so why should Jacob think any differently.
by marauder February 06, 2005
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