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The tendancy to create remarks that would invariable stop the act of sex in its tracks.

The person committing the butleration is (the) butler. After the butleration, the target victim(s) become(s) butled. This is not to be confused with the profession of servitude.

A butleration does not nessecarily occur during sex, but can occur at any time of the day and can be aimed at anyone unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the butler. However, the butleration's ability to end sex, even just before an orgasm, is used to gauge wether the remark is in fact a butleration. The act of butleration can sometimes result in a kiggins from both sexes.

The trait to be able to commit a butleration is genetic and is usually passed down by the male population, with few cases in women. However, anyone possesing the dominant variant of this gene will almost certaintly be unable to reach orgasm with a partner unless their mouth is taped up during sex. This means that only carriers of the gene are able to pass the gene on.

When butlerations do happen during sex, most are forgiven with a giggle. Some, however, can cause serious repurcussions in relationships.
An example of a butleration:
"I've never really noticed that my laptop charger on my desk over there looks a bit like one of those ghost traps from ghost-busters from here."
*Cease spring-squeeking*
by kikumbob December 26, 2007
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